The Importance of R&R

By: fitfactor August 24, 2022 8:41 am

The Importance of R&R

Hello, my friends,

Last week my long-time client and friend Hoanito and I “played hooky” and went on a long-due and much-needed Rest & Relaxation trip to Amelia Island, FL.

​Dr. Hoang Duong, a brilliant Vietnamese-born, Canadian-raised, 57 years young neurosurgeon, started working out with me about 20 years ago. He is not only the smartest person I know but also has the biggest calf muscles I have ever seen in my life!

However, his heart and compassion for his career and patients are even bigger.

​As a brain surgeon, he has a pretty stressful job, saving people’s lives, would you agree?

Hoang and I share many of the same passions, such as brain health, good food, exercise, and tennis. The latter brought us to become great friends quickly.

​He was the one who put a tennis racquet on my hand for the first time and told me, “- Paulo, this is your forehand grip, and this is your backhand grip.” Then, without mercy, crushed me on the tennis court.

​Y’all know how I feel about tennis today.

Through the years, ​Dr. Duong (or Hoanito, as I call him) and I have taken many “Tennis Trips” together to places like Naples, Sarasota, and Palm Springs, CA. The purpose of these trips is simple: TR&R (Tennis, Rest & Relaxation).

We get away for a few days, check in a hotel with tennis courts on the property, play a lot of tennis, rest by the pool, read books, get massages, go out to eat in nearby restaurants, and have long, deep conversations about our aging brains and life in general.

​And with that, we get away from the stress of our daily lives.

“- Paulo, for the next few days, the only decisions I want to make are how much pressure I want on my massage or whether I want fish or steak for dinner!” – Dr. Duong told me with a smile.

Recent research shows that we perform better at work and in life if we practice strategic renewal. Conversely, if we are tired and stressed, we are more susceptible to getting sick, injured, and even missing days from work.

We all know we need more sleep during the week, schedule workouts, and eat healthy foods.

​But we also need to schedule and enjoy R&R whenever possible.

Humans are not designed to run at a high level without having a period of R&R. We need time for renewal. It allows us to relax and rejuvenate our minds and body.

So, based on my “Amelia Island TR&R Trip,” here are some of the specific benefits of rest and relaxation whether you are away or in your backyard:

Restores our energy: We need to recharge our batteries to feel and perform better and more effectively throughout the day. R&R should be part of our work cycle; taking advantage of it whenever possible will improve our productivity.

Repairs our body: Our bodies repair themselves from daily wear and tear when we rest. R&R reduces stress and improves overall health. As a result, we will feel better and more able to do what we need and love daily.

Improves our focus: Like a busy body, an active mind gets tired. Including time to quiet our thoughts and let our minds rest is part of the healing process. We will improve our ability to concentrate, and problem solve.

Improves our mood: R&R makes us happier! When we choose to do things that make us feel good, we will discover that we feel more optimistic about the challenges we face in life. We will begin to see obstacles as opportunities.

Increases our creativity: Too much stress and activity often disconnect us from our creative potential. R&R allows us to clear our minds and regenerate ourselves as individuals. As a result, our ability to create and innovate will improve at work and in life.

Who knew? I even started drawing again!

So, a big thank you, Hoanito, for making this trip happen and being such a great friend.​ Let’s not wait so long for our next “TR&R.”

And you, my readers, please pick up the phone and, instead of calling us today, make sure to book your next R&R… whatever it may be.

See you soon.