I had back injuries, many as a matter of fact. At 54 I could barely move and I had always been very active, worked out etc. I was ready to give in to all the pain. I knew I needed help. The staff at Fit Factor has been amazing. They have healed me. And helped me. I can't say enough good things. Thanks Fit Factor!

Jeff P.

I really like the attention you receive from Fit Factor's highly educated personal trainers. It's different than the average gym. This is personal training at its finest. They customize the training session according to your strengths and weaknesses. And they make it fun!

Marc O.

I've been going twice a week for about a year and a half. I have fun there, I’m so much more fit and active, I honestly feel 20 years younger! I have great one-on-one workouts under watchful eyes that are tailored to my abilities. No more aches and pains from daily chores like house and yard work or weekend bike rides; I look and feel great.

Valerie T.