Small Group

Personal Training

Small Group Personal Training

This is a 45-minute group workout to strengthen your muscles and rev up your metabolism for optimal fat loss, functional movements, and overall fitness.   The exercises are times based so it is suitable for all levels of fitness.  We use free weights, resistance bands, medicine balls as well as your own bodyweight to keep you challenged, motivated, and accountable. 


Being part of a group will guarantee that you have fun through the process.  Space is limited to 6 people per group.

  • Mondays and Wednesdays:     5:30 PM

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays:          7 AM

  • Saturdays:                                  8 AM at the beach (This group workout is up to 10 people)

Stretching "Work-In"


This is a 45-minute group “Work-In”.  We will first warm-up the body and mind by creating inner heat through slow mindful movements.  We then will ease into stretching the body through a series of specific movements that have been proven to be both physically and mentally beneficial. 


The benefits of stretching are innumerous, including better flexibility and range of motion in your joints, improved blood flow, and circulation, alleviates back pain, and many more.  It also calms the mind, relieves stress, and helps our body to get rid of harmful toxins, therefore, the “work-in”.

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays:       6:15 PM



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