Personal Training

60 Minute Sessions


We start with about 5-10 minutes of warm-up. Next, we spend about 40-45 minutes working on your individual goals, challenging and motivating you.  We finish the session with about 5-10 minutes of cool-down/stretching.


Every workout will be different to improve all areas of fitness,  keeping your safety and goals our number one  priority. 

You will meet us at Fit Factor at a set date and time that has been previously agreed between you and  one of our fitness professional.   We recommend One-on-One Personal Training at least two to three times/week.


Benefits of choosing One-on-One Personal Training:

  • Knowledge: Our fitness professionals are highly educated and certified through multiple National and International accredited certifications.  Our Team is required to continuously educate themselves on the latest fitness and exercise researches.

  • Safety: Proper form significantly reduces the chances of injuries.  Our fitness professionals are very conscious of proper exercise techniques and use of equipment for your complete safety.

  • Efficiency: A pre-planned workout created specifically for your needs, optimizing your time and goals.

  • Motivation: The Fit Factor culture is fun, fresh and challenging.  Every workout will be different so you will never get bored.


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