Personal Training

60 Minute Sessions

Our One-on-One sessions are designed to work on your individual goals.  We take into consideration any injury and/or limitations you may have.  Whether you like to play golf, or tennis, play with your children or grandchildren, work in your garden, go boating, or simply enjoy your life with tons of energy, less stress, and free of aches and pain, our One-on-One programs are going to challenge and motivate you every step of the way.


Every workout will be different to improve all areas of fitness, such as strength, balance, and stamina. Our number one priority is to keep your goals, and your safety, our number one priority.   


Our One-on-One Programs can be done 'in-person', or virtually.


Benefits of choosing One-on-One Personal Training:

  • Knowledge: Our fitness professionals are highly educated and certified through multiple National and International accredited certifications.  Our Team is required to continuously educate themselves on the latest fitness and exercise researches.

  • Safety: Proper form significantly reduces the chances of injuries.  Our fitness professionals are very conscious of proper exercise techniques and use of equipment for your complete safety.

  • Efficiency: A pre-planned workout created specifically for your needs, optimizing your time and goals.

  • Motivation: The Fit Factor culture is fun, fresh and challenging.  Every workout will be different so you will never get bored.


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