How to Overcome Negative Self-Talk

By: fitfactor April 6, 2022 1:52 am

How to Overcome Negative Self-Talk

Hello my friends,

We all talk to ourselves about ourselves. Sometimes in silence, sometimes out loud. You should hear me at the tennis court: “Stupid Paulo, move your feet!” or “Ai, ai, ai… how can you miss this shot?”

What kind of things do you say to yourself?

Maybe you say you let yourself go, or that you are unmotivated, or too old to do this, or that?

Many of us struggle with an inner voice that repeats nonsense like that.

But that should not keep us from improving our overall wellness and fitness, achieving personal growth, and doing what we want. There is so much potential to live well after 50 – like traveling, physical independence, playing with kids or grandkids, enjoying sports and hobbies, or even doing a cartwheel, if that’s what you want!

We deserve all that and more. And we can have it if we start by adjusting our thoughts and making some changes in our lives.

Change Our Thoughts

We cannot control which thoughts pop into our minds. But we can choose which to hold and nurture. Those thoughts become actions, which become habits, leading to new experiences and new positive thoughts.

So, let’s replace negative self-talk with positive actions, statements, attitudes, and experiences.

Here are some tactics that help.

Practice an Attitude of Gratitude.

Take a pen and paper and write your blessings whenever you feel down. They can be big or small, important or whimsical, related to physical health, spirituality, etc. When you read what you have written, your mood will improve. There is no room to feel depressed when our hearts are full of gratitude.

So, instead of saying, “There is something wrong with me because I do not have X, Y, or Z,” try saying, “Look at all these wonderful things I have accomplished in my life.”

Set Realistic Goals.

The point is not to look like fitness models or win Olympic medals, although there is nothing wrong with that. It is not about recapturing who we were back in the day or doing the things we used to do. The point is to use fitness to meet where we are and enrich the rest of our lives. And accepting that is key to treating ourselves right. We are here to help you see where you want to go – and then enjoy the success of reaching those goals.

So, instead of saying, “It is foolish to think I could be 25 again,” try saying, “Hey, I’m improving and feeling better every day.

Focus on progress, not perfection. It is fun and empowering to get stronger, gain more endurance, and improve agility. We will celebrate every little win with you. Remember: It is a journey, not a destination. (Cheesy but true)

So, instead of saying, “I am a failure because I cannot wear these pants,” try saying, “I have lost a few pounds… I am on the right track ​to fit into those pants.”

Excuses Are Easy

If you want to find an excuse to deny yourself health and fitness, you will always find it. But please don’t. Our inner saboteur always tells us that we are too old, out of shape, or set in our ways. But we are not. In fact, there is a great book called “The Inner Game of Tennis” by Timothy Gallwey​. The book is about overcoming self-doubt, nervousness, and lapses of concentration that can keep us from winning.​ We can apply the message to all aspects of life. We get to decide the life we want from here on out, no matter our age or physical condition.

Take Action

Fit Factor is a judgment-free environment that provides fitness solutions to anyone who chooses to work with us​. We have a passion for educating, motivating, and inspiring our clients to live better lives through exercise and fitness. We will help you move, feel and look your best, regardless of your age, physical limitations, injuries or diseases.

We believe in you. And you deserve it.

​See you soon.