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Fit Factor is a private, by-appointment-only facility that strives to provide a professional fitness environment for the active adult, leading our clients to make long-term commitments to exercise and fitness so they can move, feel and look better at any age, regardless of physical limitations, injuries or diseases.


We have been helping our community to stay healthy, active and fit since 2001.  We work with healthy individuals as well as clients with different health issues/limitations such as joint replacements, cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, among others.


Our purpose and passion is to support our clients to continue to do the things they NEED, LIKE and WANT to do for as late in life as possible.  To produce the best possible results, our programs are based on science and expertise, not equipment.  All of our trainers are highly qualified and certified Functional Aging Specialists, with the highest level of certifications.

Covid-19 Guidelines:  We take the Coronavirus pandemic very seriously, and we make sure the health and safety of our clients and staff are of the utmost importance.  We have implemented all the necessary CDC guidelines to keep everyone healthy and safe.

At Fit Factor, there will never be more than eight (8) people at the studio at any given time.

At Fit Factor, we believe that:

  • Aging is mandatory, but growing old is optional.

  • Exercise should support the activities that you are passionate about.

  • Improving functional fitness is critical to living a long, healthy, enjoyable life.

  • It is never too late to begin a fitness program and reap its benefits.

  • If you move better, you will feel better. If you feel better, you will move more. If you move more, you will look better.

  • Fitness is one of the best investments in time, money and effort that anyone can make. 

  • The best results come from expertise and knowledge, not equipment.  Our focus will always be on expertise to produce the best possible results.

  • Our passion and number one priority is to make our clients excited about exercising, making sure they love every single workout.

How It Works:


We offer a complimentary 60 minute consultation where you will meet with one of our fitness professionals to tour our studio and discuss your goals. 


We start with a short conversation to better understand your lifestyle, current nutrition habits, possible injuries, etc.  Next, we go through an exercise program to evaluate (not judge) your movements, find out your strengths, weaknesses, joint health, limitations, etc. 

If you decide Fit Factor is the right fit for you and your goals, we already have a basic understanding of your fitness level and can meet you exactly where you are. 


We will help you decide whether Small Group or One-on-One Personal Training is best for you and guide you through the best fitness experience you will ever have!



Written by Paulo Andalaft, founder and owner of Fit Factor, Stay Strong, Live Long contains science-based techniques to increase your energy level, decrease pain, improve your strength and balance at any age and function level.


In Stay Strong, Live Long, you will see why other “adult fitness” programs are simply not well design and are often dysfunctional with respect to the aging process.  Through this book you will discover that our training programs are fun, challenging, and motivating to allow you to pursue life with more passion doing the things you need, like and want to do. 



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