3 Nutrition Mistakes to Avoid

By: fitfactor March 10, 2021 1:32 am

3 Nutrition Mistakes to Avoid

In the last couple of weeks, I discussed some nutrition guidance with a few of our clients. They want to lose body fat but a lot of times, they do not want to put in the effort and consistency to get the results. I know well that it is not easy to give up our favorite foods. It is tough to stop drinking our favorite cocktail, or that glass of Cabernet that goes so well with the grilled steak.

We have all heard that 80% of your fat loss results are made in the kitchen, so it is no surprise that some nutrition misconceptions are what gets most of us off track with our fat loss efforts.

You can exercise hard every single day, but if you are making these 3 common mistakes then fat loss is going to be slow or simply nonexistent.

Mistake #1: Not Eating Enough Wholesome Calories

Starvation diets simply do not work. Restricting too many calories slows your metabolism to a grinding stop and causes your body to store those precious calories instead of burning them off.

But that is not all…

Starvation diets inevitably lead to rebounding with overeating which causes you to gain even more weight. I often use the analogy of holding your breath under water… Eventually you will have to come up for air. If your nutritional program is not sustainable, then it will be a quick fix. You may lose some weight, but I guarantee you will gain them back, and some more.

​There is a huge benefit to eating the right amount of wholesome calories, spread out throughout the day.

Your metabolism is revved up and fat loss becomes automatic. Of course, these must be WHOLESOME calories and not junk!

Mistake #2: Not Eating Enough Protein

Protein is important for a variety of reasons, and sadly most of us simply do not get enough protein in our daily lives. When it comes to losing fat, getting adequate protein is a must.

It takes more calories to digest protein versus fats or carbs, giving your metabolic rate a boost. It is also essential to supply your body with the dietary protein needed to build and maintain your muscle mass – as muscles increase your resting metabolism.

Protein keeps you feeling full, boosts your metabolism, and prevents you from turning to snacks that are full of fat, carbohydrates, and sugars.

Mistake #3: Drinking Your Calories

One of the BIGGEST diet mistakes that most people make is drinking calories throughout the day. Liquid calories add up and stubbornly stick to our waistlines.

Whether you are drinking soda, sweet coffee drinks, fruit juices, or alcoholic beverages, liquid calories are habitual and detrimental to fat loss and health.

​Drink plenty of water! Try to drink 8 ounces before and after each meal, and more throughout the day. Aim for 2 liters/day.

Also, simply try to make each meal a little healthier. Add fresh fruits and vegetables to keep you full and from reaching for the bag of chip.

Don’t forget that a challenging and consistent exercise plan is half of the equation when it comes to losing weight, getting fit, and feeling great! That is where we come in…

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